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1. Lightweight shell for clear viewing.
2. Easy to use, compact and portable.
3. Optical glass, practical and durable.
4. With high zoom, adjustable focal length.
5. Novel optical path design, large wide-angle, the large amount of light transmission.
6. With high resolution and good color reproduction, the quality of mobile phone imaging is significantly improved.
7. Suitable for watching contests, concerts, tours, animal watch lovers.

Type: mobile telescope
Material: optical lens, ABS
Actual magnification: 8X / 20X
Color: black, white
Installation method: used with the phone clip on the phone
You can connect your phone to a monopod or tripod for better picture quality.
Supports phones from 2.17 inches (5.5 cm) to 3.35 inches (8.5 cm)
For field photography

Package Included:
1*Mobile Phone Telescope
1*Mounting Clip
1*Cleaning ClothYK1926(15)YK1926(5)YK1926(3)YK1926(4)YK1926(6)YK1926(1)YK1926(13)YK1926(8)YK1926(10)YK1926(12)